Au to traffic monopoly overview

Auto Traffic Monopoly is the latest software developed by Andrew Wallace. Since its launch, I have been receiving numerous emails from many gurus and marketers telling me about it and why I should buy. I also have the privilege of being involved in their affiliate program way before its launch.
Like everyone else, I was initially sceptical having bought 2 software also costing $37 only to find out they did not really work out as easy as what their creators claimed to be. One of them even required additional investment in advertising fees.
It was only after watching the video twice in 2 days, I decided to buy again and give it a try. The reason why I do this is not because I am impressed by his ClickBank earning screenshots which I am sick and tired of watching on every guru’s site nowadays. I am touched by his sincerity in showing us the difference between him and other gurus in promoting and wanting to help.
Unless the product is great and I benefited greatly, I do not usually write product reviews very often. But for your benefit of knowing what to expect, here are a few points that you can take into consideration.
Unlike most products which consists of 20-30 videos and few manuals, Auto Traffic Monopoly consists of just 3 things. They are 2 ebooks which teach you how to install the software and make money from it as well as the software itself.
After installing, you need to get 7 accounts at 7 blog sites featured in the software. It will be tedious having to register at each of these sites manually. But you only do it once and save all your login details for further use.
The next thing you need to do is to read the other ebook on how to make money from this software. This is by far the most important part of the course. Read it again and again if you have to so that you will understand and be familiar on how to use this software.
Though you do not have to do article marketing as Andrew mentioned in the launch video, you still need to come up with 7 different reviews of the same product before posting to those blog sites.
Before that, you need to do Google Keyword research. This is to find out if there is a demand for what you intend to promote and the level of competition. Pick keywords with at least 1000 searches but not more than 50,000 searches globally and locally.
Once you do so, sign up at ClickBank and find the product related to your niche. It can be affiliate marketing, cooking, golfing etc. Again check out the gravity and commission earned for each product before selecting.
Finally go to Yahoo, key in the web address of the site you choose to promote and check out the number of backlinks. The more backlinks that site has, the higher Google will rank the site.
Overall, Auto Traffic Monopoly is a simple 3 step process. Read the manuals, install the software and start making money from it.
Find out more about Auto Traffic Monopoly here.

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