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Article Submission Software –your Companion in Affiliate Marketing

Article submission software plays a very crucial role in the marketing efforts of affiliates. Much of the affiliate marketers’ energies and time are spent on traffic generation to their websites. From using PPC to SEO and article submission, this is a wide array of traffic driving techniques. Talking about article submission, this is one method that has not lost its effectiveness over time. If we attempt article submission without article submission software, we are headed for some serious menial tasks and endless hours of data entry.

Article submission software is a clever tool made by software developers for online authors. Article marketing was the main reason why we have the tool. Everyone knows that depending on PPC traffic is way too costly as profitable and cheap keywords become fewer. It is quite unlikely that people would trust their entire marketing efforts on pay-per-click alone. Article submission on the other hand drives you targeted search engine traffic for FREE. Search engines are constantly searching and ranking good unique articles on top of the search engine results.

Affiliate marketers then resorted to using article submission to expose their content to web readers. Search engines love article directories because of the fresh and unique content they churn out everyday. Marketers understood this and race against time to produce great content for readers. A classic problem then arose. It was definitely a very time consuming exercise to submit articles to the article directories. They then look for a solution in the form of article submission services and article submission software.

There are many pluses in using article submission software and article submission services for article marketing. By submitting your articles to many article directories, people looking for fresh content to use on their websites such as webmasters and bloggers would actually place your article on their websites. This offers a lot of potential for traffic especially when the top authority websites decide to use your article. You would be surprised how much free targeted traffic you are getting everyday from your article submission.

For every article directory you submit to using article submission software, you are actually building a link for your website. When you wrote your article, you left a link with a keyword rich anchor text. Article directories particularly the most established ones can have Page Rank 6 or higher. In short, article submission software also builds your link popularity fast and the best part is, it is totally free. Imagine how much it would cost you to get the same number of quality links at the link brokers?

But there are so many article submission software and services around that it becomes really difficult to decide which one to choose from. Submission software and services all serve the same function of submitting articles. Article submission service is pricier. Submission services are credit or fee-based. The article submission software sold online are all one-time purchases.

It is not surprising that many online authors like to use article submission software since it is more cost-effective. Article submission software does a wonderful job in making the article submission a painless process but as an online author, you cannot run away from writing informational and useful articles. Maybe there will be an intuitive tool in the future that can offer the benefits of article submission software and a real human author.

Want to know which article submission software is most popular among affiliate marketers? Read my article marketing blog to find out more.

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Article Marketing Robot

Article Marketing Robot is a piece of software that can sumbit your article to hundreds of article directories. This makes it easy for you to gain backlinks, drive traffic and share information. One of the nice things about Article Marketing Robot or AMR is it submits to very high quality article directories. These directories include; Article Friendly, Article Dashboard, WordPress Articles, Ezine Articles, Go and many more. You can even submit to your own WordPress blogs. You can choose to submit to just a few of the article directories or all of them. You can also schedule your submissions or do them all at once.

This is a very user friendly program. It does all the work for you. You simply put in a user name. For this you should use a paid email address. Avoid using free ones such as yahoo or gmail as many directories do not allow them. Next pick the directories you want to sign up to. Then click the button and voila Article Marketing Robot automatially signs you up for hundreds of accounts at the different directories. Not only does it sign you up, it also confirms all the emails. What could be easier?

Next add your article to Article Marketing Robot.. The progam has a spin feature you can use to spin your content if desired. It will spin on submit. You can spin the whole article, title, resource box or just one of them. It is up to you. You can easily import and export articles. Once your article has been added, click submit and go have a cup of coffee as Article Marketing Robot does all the submission work for you. Your article is auto submitted to hundreds of directories gaining you thousands of backlinks and traffic.

Article Marketing Robot really offers you the ultimate in flexibility. Because you can auto drip content or do a blast, you control how many links you are gaining. There are many article submission services on the market and tools but few offer the quality directories that AMR does or all of the other features. Support is excellent. A video tutorial walks you through how to use the software and if you have questions or problems, support is there to answer and fast.

As someone working online, time is a precious commodity. Using quality tools like Article Marketing Robot will give you more time to work on other things and free up time to spend with your family!

Read more this website.

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Review of Hyper Facebook Traffic by Adeel Chowdhry

As you know I’ve been preparing this assessment Hyper Facebook traffic for some time now and in many ways I’m really excited about that which is being released to the public on September 7, 2010 bybecause as some of you may know that I personally just recently started my own campaign in social media marketing is evaluating Hyper Facebook hoi.Ngay traffic we will have to go through everything in the good components, so you’ll get a thought about what exactly it involves adding an in-depth a look at the product itself and what it can do for you.
So, why do Facebook?
Facebook is growing faster than another site on the planet, and thirteen back in March 2010, Facebook has really overcome the mighty Google in the case of the U.S. site for visitors.
Indeed, Google simply has recently announced their concerns with the rapid growth of Facebook and ever, and the fact that most individuals choose to go out and spend their cash , as an alternative to Google.
So you may be able to view the sample will change the way modes of operation Website online advertising, while Google takes steps to maneuver into the world of social media. Main experts say that social media can turn into a search engine followed by the Net.
Facebook Hyper Transport – What Do You Get?
Now you may have seen the user pages. So lets have a summary of what you get in traffic Hyper Facebook. You receive the following:
* Hyper Facebook Global Traffic Module, which incorporates the Core Module Hyper, Hyper CPA monetization system, and Hyper X Flip method.
* Advance Facebook useful resource, but you can register for free as a student Hyper FB Members FB invisible on the page, and includes several training courses.
* Links & Search Free Assets, which are partners of Hyper Transport Facebook offers some free items, such as cells is monopolized by Adam Horwitz, Hybrid Access Software & Housing projects school, and so on.
What Do You Get In The Hyper Module Facebook traffic?
The module is divided into three parts, which is Core Module Hyper, Hyper CPA monetization system (Hyper growth category), and Flip Hyper X Technology (Hyper extended section). Hyper extensions will bring you additional and deeper into the strategy has been disclosed in the Hyper Core Module. So lets have a closer look at what you get in the module.
Hyper Core Module:
* Module 1: Identify the target market
* Module 2: Register Your Facebook Profile
* Module 3: Fine-tune your Facebook profile
* Module 4: Setting up Facebook Profile Tabs
* Module 5: Find your friends Facebook
* Module 6: Creating and Refining fan page
* Module 7: Post content and search Fans
* Module 8: Attracting fans and track results
* Module 9: Community Pages
* Module 10: Join Facebook group
* Module 11: Creating Facebook Group
* Module 12: Using Facebook applications
* Module 13: Creating Facebook applications
* Module 14: Facebook Events
* Module 15: Notes for Facebook
* Module 16: Enhancing your Facebook presence
* Module 17: The Facebook Platform Ad (This module is linked with extensions to enhance Ad Platform Module)
* Module 18: Creating a Facebook Ad
The Bottom Line
If somebody came to you 10 years ago and started talking about this great new internet marketing platform called ‘PPC’ will boost you have not heard? In that case they just let you find out exactly how to organize a specific campaign and begin your search for the clicks you will be notified. You know how low it is in the early days of PPC as a single click of the value just a few cents. Uniqueness that is exactly what you would have immediately with Social Media Marketing. That was the beginning of one huge factor and you’re invited to Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker is a part of it. After going through your entire course I can let you know that I’m really excited for the long term and I really likely to use strategies and methods Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker taught in course of business to develop my Internet advertising. Now is also a probability of you to jump into social media advertising with Hyper Facebook traffic and start earning cash for most major markets are basically thrillers and strategies for early days of the Internet – a question was asked: You can get your slice of the social media promotion and advertising cake? In case you then it will give you information all the way to successful advertising media society in case you really are moving!
I want to thank you for your consideration and I truly hope you found it useful. I really love what Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker has performed with Hyper Facebook traffic.
Social network marketing is so amazing. I’ve been using Hyper Transport Facebook and I learned a lot from this wonderful course!

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Would you like to find out more information about the Massive Passive Profits system? This is basically a method of making money online with blogs but is very much different from the traditional methods. Traditionally, if order to start making money on the Internet using blogs, a blogger would need to manually set up every niche blog and then add content and links to the blogs manually. This is very time consuming but very necessary in order to create an online income with blogs.
1. How Can Massive Passive Profits Help You To Earn An Income From the Internet?
Of course, it can be argued that one can hire a freelancer to create content but that would cost a lot of money. Massive Passive Profits is an auto-blogging system for making money by leveraging on numerous plug-ins that are capable of automating blog content. This is a much more affordable method and is generally free while also saving a lot of time as compared to manually sourcing and posting content and links.
2. How Do You Make Money With This Autoblogging Course?
To make money with this program, what I had to do was set up my blog once and then implement the autoblogging plugins. These plug-ins pull content from various reputable sources and post them automatically to update my blogs. When my blogs are updated automatically, visitors will continue to be generated which sustains the purpose of the blogs, which is to generate commissions and sales for its owner.
3. Does The Massive Passive Profits System Really Work To Make Money Online?
As I have discovered for myself, auto-blogging definitely works and its results start to become more powerful as time goes on. This is a really great time saver as the user no longer needs to spend many hours a day manually creating unique content and posting them every couple of days. By leveraging on these niche blogs properly, I have found that it is possible to generate a lot of passive income simply setting up these blogs and putting these plug-ins to work.
Visit Massive Passive Profits.

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As you can see Auto Traffic Avalanche is a must have for any SEO project and can get you in the top position of Google in no time flat.
Get Auto Traffic Avalanche Today!
Here’s Some Things I Love About Auto Traffic Avalanche
You may or may not heard of Kieran or Imran. They both coauthored the Affiliate X course by Chris X which was the best selling Internet marketing course at Clickbank.

Kieran Gill is an expert on SEO and organic traffic while Imran S is a wizard in Twitter marketing. Earlier this year they both released their own products – 9 to 5 Annihilation from Kieran and Tweetomatic Profitter from Imran.

Based on his previous products, I expect Auto Traffic Avalanche to be just as high quality.
What Is Auto Traffic Avalanche

Auto Traffic Avalanche is all about placing simple display ads on two traffic sources. One of them has very large user base and is relatively new to most Internet marketers.

The second traffic source has just opened up 9 or 10 months ago and most people have never even heard of it. Personally I have been using it since the end of May after I bought a $500 course that revealed this traffic source. I have been making a killing with it and frankly I am not happy that Kieran and Imran are giving away this traffic source for a measly $39. It’s just not fair!

Kieran and Imran claim Auto Traffic Avalanche and its unique software are the most effective way to make serious money in the shortest time. That’s a pretty bold statement. They also states this is completely underground and they would be shocked if most of the leading super affiliates even knew much about this secret technique.

There is no doubt that traffic generation is one of the most important things to master for any Inernet marketer. Traffic is the life line of any online business.

For years affiliates have relied on paid advertising platforms like Google Adwords to bring in large quantity of visitors quickly. But that model is no longer valid. Google has shutdown tens of thousands of affiliates’ Adwords accounts. They simply don’t want your money. Other paid ad platforms have been so crowded that the costs have been sky high and it’s extremely difficult to make any profit nowadays.

Others get free traffic using SEO, blogging, article marketing, and other techniques. This is time consuming and most people simply don’t last long enough to see the fruit of their labor.

With these two traffic sources, there is no keyword research, no link building, no blog commenting, no social bookmarking, none of that. They ARE paid traffic, but the clicks are extremely cheap – at least for now.

My Thoughts On Auto Traffic Avalanche Software


The software that comes with the course has been heavily marketed but really it’s only a very small part of the course. It is only applicable to one of the two traffic sources (the other one is so simple that you don’t need any software). It is intended to solve the biggest hurdle most people have when using this particular traffic source. Most affiliates quit using this traffic source because they don’t know how to get around this hurdle.

However, from my personal experience, the software is really not needed. The hurdle is not hard to overcome. Most people simply give up without spending much time on it. All you have to do is spend a few extra hours studying the course materials and understanding this traffic source and you will have no problems at all. I’ve done it and I know anyone can do it if you are willing to take the time.

In fact, I would even go as far as to say not to use the software at all. In my opinion it’s kind of “gray hat” and I am against anything that’s not completely “white hat.”
Should You Buy Auto Traffic Avalanche

I bought Auto Traffic Avalanche as soon as the door opens on August 19th. Although I have been using the two traffic sources, I really need to learn more about demographics targeting. I’ve also learned quite a bit from its instructions on the 2nd traffic source, which will help with the campaigns I am running. It has also opened my eyes on a few opportunities that I didn’t know before.

I am so sick and tired of the cut-throat business of traditional traffic sources. I just had enough of fighting the Google slaps, the confusing Quality Scores, and their ever changing ranking algorithm. I am ready for something real, something bigger, and something better.

CAUTION: After you purchased Auto Traffic Avalanche, you will be presented with a series of upsells (I think there are 3 or 4). You may feel a bit “turned off” if you are not used to this. This is just a sales technique and as a marketer I view this as a learning experience.

Anyway, the only upsell I feel worth buying is the 10 proven campaigns that you can copy & paste. But don’t buy it right away when you are presented with the package because it will cost you $197. Instead, go through the other 2 or 3 upsells until you see the last upsell in which you get the combo of the 2 upsells (the copy & paste campaigns + ATA Xtreme profiteer) for total of $76. Buy it then. It’s a great value.

Weakness of Auto Traffic Avalanche

The biggest advantage with Auto Traffic Avalanche is that it explores an underground traffic source. Ironically, in my opinion it is also its biggest weakness. Why? Just ask yourself this question. What will happen when hundreds of people who bought Auto Traffic Avalanche start to use the same traffic source? How would you stay ahead of your competitors? Especially if you are a newbie, how are you going to compete with other experienced marketers that are using the same software?

Are you the administrator or owner of an ecommerce website? If so then you may already be aware that ensuring sufficient traffic is perhaps the single most important task. Whether you offer products that are known to be incredibly desirable or not, if you receive very few visitors it would be impossible to create a reasonable revenue stream.
Luckily, after months of development and testing the Auto Traffic Avalanche has finally been launched in the market. This is the number 1 traffic generation software in the market developed by 2 underground superaffiliates Kieran Gill and Imran S, to help boost visitor levels to your websites or business.
Traffic Avalanche is known to be one of the most useful traffic generation packages available this year. It has been put together in such a way that enhancing the quality and quantity of traffic is no longer a complicated or tiresome task.
For a small one off payment you will be provided with information relating to the most proven techniques and tricks that are presently used by the internet’s top marketers. If you are interested to find out more then keep reading.
Once you have signed up you will be provided an easy to follow guide that includes information related to how you should integrate blogging into your traffic generation system, learn how to use backlinks in a more effective manner as well as automating the link building process, and acquire a broader knowledge of email marketing.
Other interesting features include information relating to using social network sites for marketing purposes as well as differentiating between paid for and free traffic sources.
I know you are probably asking why should I believe you? Well Imran is the creator of Tweetomatic Profiteer which is one of the best social media marketing tools in the market and Kieran has been a very successful underground affiliate marketer. They have come together to put their name to this tool and you will not be disappointed.
If you are still not sure whether this package would be right for you then ask yourself if you fall into one of the following categories. Traffic avalanche is aimed at products owners, affiliates, and any webmaster who wants to develop their visitor base.
Do not pass this opportunity by before doors are closed to this offer or the price is raised, because this system really works and lots of people are taking advantage of the riduculously low price.
Get Auto Traffic Avalanche now and solve all your traffic generation problems forever.

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Au to traffic monopoly overview

Auto Traffic Monopoly is the latest software developed by Andrew Wallace. Since its launch, I have been receiving numerous emails from many gurus and marketers telling me about it and why I should buy. I also have the privilege of being involved in their affiliate program way before its launch.
Like everyone else, I was initially sceptical having bought 2 software also costing $37 only to find out they did not really work out as easy as what their creators claimed to be. One of them even required additional investment in advertising fees.
It was only after watching the video twice in 2 days, I decided to buy again and give it a try. The reason why I do this is not because I am impressed by his ClickBank earning screenshots which I am sick and tired of watching on every guru’s site nowadays. I am touched by his sincerity in showing us the difference between him and other gurus in promoting and wanting to help.
Unless the product is great and I benefited greatly, I do not usually write product reviews very often. But for your benefit of knowing what to expect, here are a few points that you can take into consideration.
Unlike most products which consists of 20-30 videos and few manuals, Auto Traffic Monopoly consists of just 3 things. They are 2 ebooks which teach you how to install the software and make money from it as well as the software itself.
After installing, you need to get 7 accounts at 7 blog sites featured in the software. It will be tedious having to register at each of these sites manually. But you only do it once and save all your login details for further use.
The next thing you need to do is to read the other ebook on how to make money from this software. This is by far the most important part of the course. Read it again and again if you have to so that you will understand and be familiar on how to use this software.
Though you do not have to do article marketing as Andrew mentioned in the launch video, you still need to come up with 7 different reviews of the same product before posting to those blog sites.
Before that, you need to do Google Keyword research. This is to find out if there is a demand for what you intend to promote and the level of competition. Pick keywords with at least 1000 searches but not more than 50,000 searches globally and locally.
Once you do so, sign up at ClickBank and find the product related to your niche. It can be affiliate marketing, cooking, golfing etc. Again check out the gravity and commission earned for each product before selecting.
Finally go to Yahoo, key in the web address of the site you choose to promote and check out the number of backlinks. The more backlinks that site has, the higher Google will rank the site.
Overall, Auto Traffic Monopoly is a simple 3 step process. Read the manuals, install the software and start making money from it.
Find out more about Auto Traffic Monopoly here.

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Obama’s Democrats in disarray over expiring tax cuts

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s fellow Democrats in the U.S. Congress, many upset with him for election losses, are in disarray over what to do about tax cuts for millions of Americans that are set to expire on December 31. more

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